The Typical Newbie

I am freaking out, is that normal for the newbies? Maybe it’s just me. I usually freak out when faced with something new that I somehow believe will be exciting and outstanding that I hope will blossom into something great.
I started this blog mainly as a platform on which I could speak out on just about anything regarding the life of a young Christian while sharing my passion for faith in God, spirituality, belief in Christ Jesus, His awesome saving power… and then some; I guess from time to time I’ll include my own insane ramblings.

I’m a simple girl from Uganda, a country a number people probably don’t know anything about, with an immense love for life. I’ve reached that point in my life when I feel the need to make some kind of impact, no matter how small, and bring some kind of light and mad happiness to the people I can reach. I’m just trying to leave a few footprints in the sands of time. If those footprints should ever be found on any person’s path, my hope is that the little I leave behind will impact any person’s life in the greatest way possible. I’d love that my footprints would lead as many people as they possibly can to the love and grace of God through His son, Jesus.
I tend to be a little shy sometimes, even around my own friends and family; it’s an annoying trait about me that I am seriously trying to shake off. This is my own way of spooking the ghosts come out to build my cocoon.
“On My Tippy Toes” will be my own avenue of sharing faith in Christ and exposing my kuku interiors with as many people as I possibly can. It’s a lot easier for me to burst my bubble through my writing and I love it this way. I can say just about everything. Who knows; this could help me become a more expressive person. That would be fantastic because I’m far too old to be shy!
I may not be the wisest; I mean, I’m just a 20-something year old, and I may not be the most advanced expert mind in every single thing that I may speak up about but I’m ready for the hoot that this will all be.

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12 thoughts on “The Typical Newbie

  1. Hello! I’ve been doing this blogging thing for about seven months now and I’m still freaking out. First, because people actually read what I blog, and secondly I still don’t understand all the techno-jargon and how to post awards or how to make proper links. But God is good and it is a great way to meet people around the world. I shall follow you with interest. (And yes I do know where Uganda is.)

    • Asio says:

      I’m beaming from ear to ear right now coz you liked my post; didn’t think anyone would this quickly. Thank you!! It truly is an encouragement. I’m also glad you know where Uganda is:)
      I didn’t think blogging would be this techie. I’m little overwhelmed but I’m hoping for the best.

  2. FINALLY…am uber excited and I shall immediately follow your blog…welcome…we can’t wait to read your craazies.

  3. mago says:

    just when i thot i cud write i read ure blog and think to myself…… still a newbie at this writing thing lol

  4. agatha says:

    Sweet.. #the silent reader in the shadows.. 🙂

  5. thanx elma 4 letting us in on ur bottled side….m surely going to spread the word

  6. Rinah Hannah Semuto says:

    i love it!

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