Banshees and more

My family is a generally quiet lot. There are those times of course when most of us get randomly excited together and share a few…possibly too many laughs.  Those moments last long enough for each of us to have smiles plastered onto our faces. Sometimes they are longer, much longer, so long that we at times end up with our tummy muscles hurting. In my case, it’s actually the back of my head; I guess that’s where my happy-o-meter is. And after all these fun filled moments, we all somehow phase out and back to the usual tranquil setting.

The youngest member of my family is my little sister who’s 11, so for us it’s kind of been a while since we had the wailing baby drama around us.

Recently, one of my relatives came home to spend the weekend. She didn’t come alone. She came with five children…FIVE!! FIVE!! She came with two of her sons and three of her grand kids. All of whom I presume are under the age of 11.

Home turned into a mini circus. Circuses can be fun. Most people love them. I know I would find some kind of thrill in them. But having the circus in your home is something else. Everybody at home was immensely nagged including the dog; it was clear that he wasn’t really himself and that he was trying to ignore the noise they made just as much the rest of us.

I love kids. I really do. But these kids were something else when they were all together. They slowly turned into a nuisance. If they weren’t messing the house up, they were causing a riot or most certainly crying for one reason or another.

At some point in time, I wondered, “Is God testing me? Is He testing my tolerance for others and their crazies? Is He testing my love for others?”

It is said in the Bible that the commandments can be summarised as these; Love your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind and the second is this; love your neighbour as you love yourself. Having the Banshees around had me thinking, “Is my love selective?

There was a point when one of the littler kids was staring at me and I noticed that he needed to wipe his nose…<please don’t be grossed out by the talk of noses, I’m getting somewhere with all of this> So while this mini-staring contest is going on, something struck, if God had appeared in a physical form right there and then, what would He have found me doing? Still staring at the kid? Ignoring it? Would He have found me doing something that He would be so proud of that He would go like, “Oh, child!! I’m so proud of you. Here have a cupcake!!”…that would be one D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S cupcake.

There is a saying that goes, “Charity begins at home.” I once heard Joyce Meyer say during one of her sermons, “…God will trust you with the big stuff when you can handle the little stuff…” To touch the world and making a great change, consider the littlest of things. A few acts of kindness and tolerance go very far…start at home.

Yes they were annoying and they disrupted my peace, everybody’s peace actually and the tranquillity that we are all very used to. But at the same time, they taught me a lesson; to love harder, much much harder. This is something that God, our Father requires of us. We are Children of Light let’s act like it; love even when loving seems so hard.

So let’s love and shine a big bright light in this dark world.



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8 thoughts on “Banshees and more

  1. We are blessed to be a blessing. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Asio says:

      I believe that we need to see the beauty in even the very worst situations. In my case, I got to meet my nephews and a niece. The greatest way to show Christ’s love is to touch other people and not shun them the way the world would.

  2. Aren’t you a little wise owl. Thank you for the reminder that being selective in sharing love isn’t Christ like…

  3. Asio says:

    Lol @ owl. I guess I’ve got the big eyes feature down 🙂
    With Christ, I guess it’s a love all or love none kinda situation. It may be hard at times considering the kind of characters we tend to meet but hey, Christ had to deal with Pharisees with much worse attitudes

  4. agatha says:

    You know when God has been telling you something, then someone talks about it, this is what just happened here.. 🙂 :)..Yes, we are called to a much larger & harder love..

    • Asio says:

      We must love others because He loved us first in the most flawless and most beautiful way imaginable. But when we live with the Spirit, it is an action that comes much easier; like a flex. 🙂

  5. shirleyleah says:

    Nice read. This is what I was going through with my niece. She came home to stay forever at a time when we had just gotten the hang of our lovely peaceful home. She was 2 years, so not so much of a cry baby but she had other “local” habits none of us liked and finding a way to rebuke her in love was tough.

    • Asio says:

      It’s always tough with children. But I believe they can tell when we’re showing them love and when we aren’t. And love is the beginning of everything positive. Hang in there. We’ll get there. All the best.

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