The Goodie Good Greatness of God

The festive season came with a huge bang for me and even after the season was truly over; it took me sloth weeks to get back to somehow recover from all the festivities’ action and chaos. My dearest pal, my laptop, has also been acting a little bizarre like a little toddler with unreasonable unexplainable tantrums. But thanks to a good friend, the little monster is being a sweetheart once again and I’m the happiest Mama ever.

The month may be coming to an end but it’s still January and it is never too late for this;



Before last year ended, God showed me in the most mind blowing way, just how much He can do for me in just in a little while. I experienced a beautiful turn of events over a few hours. God in His awesomeness literally HIT with a giant wave goodness and blessings so much that the little arrows on my happy-o-meter were just stuck on the very highest point.

Every single day came with its own blessings; all in different little packages, some of which I had been hoping and praying upon over the previous couple of months but was getting a little afraid wouldn’t come to pass for one reason or another and others that I honestly wasn’t expecting.

God is AWESOME!!! It’s one thing to know that God loves and cares about you and that He always has your best interests at heart. It’s another thing to continue to hope and pray with the faith that God is listening to you. Then it’s something completely different and extremely groovy experience to see things work out in an even greater way than you expected after you have been so hopeful.

In my mind, my fabulously kuku mind, this is how my huge wave of blessing was playing out between me and God;

God: (With the warmest smile) Here Child, have a cupcake.

Me: Thank Father!! You’re far too kind.

God: Want to try this muffin, Sweetie?

Me: (Now beaming uncontrollably) Would I?!!!!! Thank you!!!

God: Oh, lovely!! Have another.

Me: (Happy-o-meter on overdrive) Lord, you are too good to me.

God: I have another batch of cupcakes just for in the oven.

Me: (speechless) (face hurting form smiling)

God has opened doors for me in the greatest way possible. He has opened doors that I prayed that He would, as well as those that I didn’t possibly think He was planning on opening for me. I truly feel loved.

Then on the Sunday that followed my happy weekend of blessing, one of the songs we happened to sing at church was a song all about blessings and it made me feel bubbly and warm inside;

There shall be showers of blessing.

This is the promise of love.

There shall be seasons refreshing

sent from the Saviour above.

Showers of blessing

Showers of blessing we plead

Mercy drops round us are falling

But for the showers we plead.

There shall be showers of blessing

precious reviving again

over the hills and the valleys

sound of abundance of rain.

These are the stanzas that touched me the most as we sang the hymn.

At that moment, I felt like I knew what life was all about; basking in God’s truth and glory while He raises His people to heights that they have never imagined that they would ever possibly reach and because God is an awesome Father He will take His people even beyond their expectations. I think my heart exploded just a little bit that Sunday because of all the love and warmth that I felt over me.

The truth is that there will be times when things aren’t really working out the way they ought to, but relying on God for His mercies, grace and favour is what keeps us going.

Before I went through my “End of 2012 wave of blessing”, I had started getting a little depressed because everything I tried out wasn’t really working out as I hoped it would. But in keeping God as your anchor, there is peace and hope that things WILL turn around for something even better than you’d hoped for.

2013 for me will be a year of mind blowing transformation; all for the better of course. It will also be a year of maturity in all aspects of my life, of restoration and favour.

I don’t remember the last time I started a year with this much zeal, this much nnmmpphh. I just feel it in my bones that this will be a stupendously awesome year and with God I’m certain that I can’t go wrong.



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5 thoughts on “The Goodie Good Greatness of God

  1. He absolutely adores you! Sometimes He corrects us, sometimes He gives us good gifts, but He is always good!

  2. I can so relate to this feeling….HE is a great GOD…and oh How HE loves us….His love is literally mind blowing.

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