February, 2014

And so it is February…is it still okay for me to say “Happy New Year”?!?! Oh well…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The last time I posted anything on my blog was sadly nearly a whole year ago. That’s a very long time in blogging timelines, right? I believe so. I had so much going on; too much that I think I lost myself at some point in time. But hurray, that makes for more blog posts now because I have so many stories to tell unless I just decide to summarise everything into one very long blog post.

2013 ended beautifully and I am even more hopeful for 2014…so much that I have code named it “Year of Elmie” (my name is already cute, but it never hurts to make it cuter) I intend to make the very best and most out of this year. I am not growing any younger and yet there is so much I want to achieve in a limited time frame. There’s so much learning and building to do. But before I even jump into all this, there’s obviously a need to put everything into God’s hands.

I do hope and pray that 2014 will be a year of opportunity, the kind that we ably take great advantage of. I for one need to keep my eyes open for these because after a short assessment I realised that I had let so many great opportunities pass me by out of fear especially fear of change; but change is part of life and it can be scary but what great thing was ever achieved without change. At the end of this year, I hope that I can look at this particular blog post and pat myself on the back and say, “I have progressed. I set a bar for myself and I’m almost there. I can almost touch it. I’m certainly not at the same place in my life that I was at in February.” Even as I type this I’m quite frightened. My heart’s racing. I guess I’ll count that as good thing. My need to bloom into a butterfly ought to push me through the caterpillar phase that I’m at (honestly not even sure whether I’m a caterpillar or already in the cocoon, either way I need to grow) so that one day I can flatter about in full bliss.

To all those out there that read this blog; May every waking moment of 2014 feel like a breath of sweet fresh air. And in those moments when we suffer pain, frustration, stress, depression or are down trodden by the pressures of this world, may we all still be able to rise and look forward to a beautiful day, a silver lining and a chance to breathe deeply and affirm, “I AM ALIVE AND BECAUSE OF THAT I STILL I HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT!” and smile at the great possibilities.



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