Of delicious treats and hugs from God

There are things that I’m pretty sure nearly every single person alive loves and enjoys and makes them feel like they are being a huge, sweet hug. Things that bring some kind of peace and calm, not just to one’s body but that reach deep into one’s soul and lets you feel so warm and cozy.

Call me crazy. maybe I am but I’ve always believed that those little things that warm me up from my soul to my heart are little treats from God. Ways in which he shows us in His own way that He loves us. They are often the simplest of things and every person alive has their own.

Some of the greatest little blessings that God has ever given mankind in this emotion filled craziness that we all call life;

  • Pastries and fresh bread. I don’t know about the rest of you but pastries like cakes and cookies may be one of the sure ways to my heart. My love affair with cake is something else. I love the smell of freshly baked goodies. Unexplainable appetitie aside, that scent and sweet aroma speaks to me <or may be just to my stomach> in ways I can’t explain in words. The scent is one thing and the taste is another and just one taste only sends me into complete bliss. If that isn’t God letting us have great pleasure in our lives, I don’t know what is.
  •  That beautiful feeling you get when you get into a bed with fresh sheets after a nice bath. It doesn’t even have to have been a bubble bath with the candles and the soft music playing in the background or even a warm shower where you somehow used up all the hot water. You don’t even have to have had a long day to truly appreciate this. The combination of fresh sheets, fresh body and fresh pyjama jammie jams is by far one of the most beautiful things ever. You don’t even have to have sleep to enjoy this sweetness. Extra special effect is often received when you’re spending a couple of nights in hotel room and being pampered out of wits.
  • The smile of a child. If an innocent, unexpected smile of a little child doesn’t warm your heart in a hundred different ways, then I honestly don’t know what will. Because I don’t have a car of my own yet, I often use public means of transport. The commonest public means in my beloved Uganda is the taxi. There was this one time not so long ago, a lady sat right in front of me with her baby, I’m guessing this child was a few months old <absolutely no teeth…so cute> but was old enough not be swaddled. The mother held her baby in a way that it could face the back and once that baby looked at me. She smiled; her broad beautiful toothless sweet little smile and then waved. Gosh, my heart, my soul!! I smiled back. I didn’t even have to think about it. My day was made. I don’t remember anything bothering me that day or bringing me down even once. I must add that I have received a number of those sweet unexpected smiles from adorable little children


  • There seem to be a number of stray dogs in my neighbourhood and none of them look like weird mixed breed kind. They are actually nice looking dogs. Maybe some of them are just disciplined enough to get out of their owners’ houses in during the day and go back in the evening like a day job, only one where  they do absolutely nothing all day. One day, while I was walking back home, I noticed a dog following me. It was a skinny black and brown German Shepard. I thought it needed space to pass so I moved and gave it space but it kept following me. Even after crossing the road, it kept following me. I was aback by this; did it want to attack me? But I kept my cool. It followed me all the way to my gate and sat calmly about meter or so behind me. I looked it and just smiled. Unfortunately my family’s dog heard my knock on the door and barked, frightening my new friend. I told it to go, afraid our dog would sense its presence and attack the poor thing and it walked away. I was actually a little sad to see it go. When I told my mum all about it later that day, she just laughed and said it was an angel and thinking about that dig made me warm inside. It still does.
  • Friends and family. Seeing them happy especially when it’s as a result of something I have done for them. It touches me so much that I tear up a little bit. Just a little bit. I’m a ball of emotions like that.

Hearing them that I haven’t talked to in a while. It think at that point in time they could ask for anything and I’d be willing to move some mountains to get or do whatever they ask.

When they say something that’s so corny to show they care for and love me. Don’t get me wrong. Corny can be ever so charming.

God shows us just snippets of His great love for us through our friends and family and every single person He places in our lives to love and care for us. I’ve always believed this.

All these little treats are simply treats for our spirits. They lift us up at those times when we feel so low. They are our source of happiness and surely who doesn’t want to be happy. But treats are just that, treats. The one thing that we should all endeavour to have in lives, is JOY. Now that is real food for our spirits, for our souls. Happiness comes from the outside going in. But Joy is from the inside going out. Joy is what keeps us smiling even at the storms of life. Why? Because God has a handle on the situation. Joy is inner peace; the “rainbows, blue skies and butterflies” sense of things even when everything around you in your own world feels like gloom and doom.


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