A special toast for my birthday

My birthday is in a few days. At this very moment, I have absolutely nothing planned out expect for possible lunch dates. I’m hoping I can link up with as many people as possible and have some mind boggling conversations and top it all off with some great laughs; enough to keep me happy for the rest of the year. I still have a couple of days to plan things out so hope for my birthday isn’t lost yet.

I’m getting closer to that age at which I believed I’d have my entire life sorted out and still I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I ought to have achieved. But even then I’m still thankful for so much and because I still live and breathe and have time to turn things around. For now I hope I can be given the leeway to go around professing that I’m 20.

Since I won’t have all my peoples in one place on my birthday <at least I highly doubt I will> I’d like to make a toast here. Hopefully you’ll all get to see it.

To my God, my Father, my Jesus, sweet Spirit of God, for Your ever enduring and unceasing love and devotion for always picking me up whenever I fall, for blessing me in ways I never imagined, for everything including the small things like sending a cool breeze when I ask on those hot days, I thank you. Your love has brought so much and I can’t begin to truly thank you for it all. I know there’s much more in store for me. I hope and pray that You’ll use me as a vessel to change the world, to touch lives and make them think of You and Your greatness and love and bring joy to whomever I am contact with.

To my ma and pa thank you for bearing with me all these years. Although I must say, I have been a great child. I have honestly tried. Balancing my social life without ticking you off is hard and I have tried. Like seriously I try. I will endeavour to make you proud of me, no matter what. And even though we have our times when we are at each other’s necks <…you can’t blame me though, you raised me and educated me to be able to think for myself, to have an opinion and be able to support it and to be confident at all costs…> but regardless of everything, I respect and love you both immensely. I will keep the principles and virtues that you have taught. Thank you for your love and care. I can only possibly pay you back by living the kind of life you wished for me. I will try with all my might to accomplish those dreams and live a life much greater and fuller than what you ever dreamt for me.

To my brother and sister; George, you are a darling, not many brothers attempt to take care of their older sister when they aren’t feeling too well, make them tea and sit long enough to have a real chat and a good laugh. See how awesome you are? I treasure our friendship. Pamela, my sweet, my life wouldn’t be complete without you and I’m sure God knew that. You will forever be my Valentine no matter what. The little things you do, like writing me sweet little notes to read before I sleep and throw around mimic “rose petals” around the room simply warm my heart in the greatest of ways. You are both truly God-sent and I pray that He will forever keep you and bless you.

To my friends the ones that I have and love and those that I am yet to meet; from those that I have serious conversations about the world’s current political, social and economic state, to those that <especially in my younger days> shouted “SHOTS!” and “CHUG!! CHUG!!”, to those that give me encouragement to take life on with a fresh mind-set,  and a Spartan attitude, to those that I often share wine and chocolate with and discuss life or just laugh about a lot of nonsense with, to those that I pray and seek God’s counsel with and those that I do and have done all the above with, I cherish you. I always will. In those moments that we shared, I learnt things about myself; some things I loved, some things I hated and certain things that I had no idea I was capable of. All in all, you all in one way or another helped me grow. Thank you for always being able to take my mind off my worries and a lot my nonsense. I appreciate it. To many more great years till we all lose our teeth and have less to think about except a bad hip bone or something of the sort <I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m going to be one strong grandma. I’ll climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and one of you had better join me then>

To my soul mate, wherever you may be. May God bless you, protect you, and preserve you. May you grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually <and financially>so that by the time we meet you will be the MAN I dreamt that you would be and more <surprise me!!> May you be as fabulous as I dream you are; with the mind of a Spartan; a true champion and warrior no matter the situation, the heart of a babe yet still rooted in God’s virtues, with an adventurous and exciting spirit, with an aura of class and awesomeness, it’s palpable, with a sense of humour and grade of intellect that surpass my own and yet infused with humility open to always learning more, with moves like Jagger <Pharell Williams maybe, you know smoooooth> or better <or at least some attempt to> because I love to dance, boo…lol! May you also have deeply embedded in your heart, spirit and mind, the true meaning of respect, honour, loyalty, selflessness and boundless love because I in turn plan to give you all these and so much more. May you quickly find me.

To my future house, the one I live in before moving into my husband’s house. The fun we shall have <sigh!!> I will buy flowers as often as I can. I will decorate you with stone ornaments. I hope you like African art including paintings, statues, ornaments and what not because you will be covered in them. No worries I will blend in different themes. There will probably be a lot of cooking and baking, as much as I possibly can <which in my terms will be quite an amount>, prepare thine self. You may see a lot of wacky dancing; effects of watching Jack Black getting jiggy with it and the influence of quite a bit of white music, prepare thine self. There’s also going to be a lot of late 80’s, 90’s music. We’ll build so many great memories together.  

To the future me, the one I have seen in my dreams. I’m working on slowly growing from what I am into who you are. We’ll meet soon and I’m sure you’ll love all the upgrades that I made. I hope you do. <I wear lipstick more often these days> I’m guessing you’ll wear more heels, skirts and dresses much more than I do <work it, babe!!> To the stories, possibly books, that we shall write and the great life ahead of us. To being sassy and classy. To never forgetting who we are and who we are meant to be.

To me, the present me. You are fabulous; a queen. Despite your flaws, you are a gem no question about that. Some flaws will fade with time. Others are scars to act as a reminder of how far God has brought you and just how far He can take you; turning dreams into reality and blowing your mind all at the same time because He is amazing.


My toast is filled with dreams and hopes but these are a blueprint for my plans. If there’s one thing that I am truly afraid of, it is failure. I should never have to face such demise and so I put all the prayers and dreams and hopes I have in this toast in God’s hands, to bless and bring to fulfilment. And for those that I have not included, but hold fast to my heart, may the good Lord in His goodness bless those too.

We must always believe in ourselves and never be ashamed to ask God to bless us. Jabez was given a name that was directly linked to negativity; his name meant pain. But even he had the confidence to say the prayer he did to God for a blessing over his own life. So regardless of my situation, even though I haven’t scratched the surface of what I feel I ought to have done by now, I believe in God’s provision for my dreams.

1 Chronicles 4:10



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8 thoughts on “A special toast for my birthday

  1. Omo.. says:

    Babe .. ur amazing – Lmao

    Remind me to read everything you write, you’ve actually made my day !!

    Happy 20th birthday week 2nd love

  2. Pudding and Pie says:

    simply amAAzing…truly a vessel of the Most High,no doubt

  3. kooskey says:

    woooowww..u go girl..u are truely a writer..we shall climb mt kilmanjaro together,i have booked..hahaha…cookies and icecream on me this wkend 😉

  4. Evelyn says:

    I bless you…I bless your life and I bless your dreams and visions. I always though and I will forever think, you’re gonna be the greatest writer of our time… When I read ‘one day’ you’re the face I see as Emma, except you live on forever with dexter and your love life isn’t that tragic…but you’re the classy woman whose books we can’t get enough of….please tell me you shall write soon… I bless your future books. Amen. Love you always…you were the biggest part of my teens…

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