Introducing; AnyiPhotography


Irene; AnyiPhotography

I decided to take on a new project recently. It is a collaboration between myself and a good friend of mine, Irene Namuganyi, who is very passionate about something as wonderful and fascinating as photography and, I must proudly add, she started her own collection of her works that she named AnyiPhotography. I sadly do not know the story behind this name, not yet. But I will find out what it is and feature it here.

We all know the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Those thousands of words can be translated into fiction, song and poetry.
I was deeply inspired by Visual Verse (Am I getting paid for this?)

Visual Verse is an online anthology of art and words (I straight up just copied and pasted that). They have this rather interesting concept in which they provide an image and give writers a limit of 50 to 500 words to compile some literary magic within just an hour. One hour!!!

I probably could work within the confines of just one hour but I’m not prepared for it. But I figured that I could do so much with this new idea. It would first and foremost help me share and show off my friend Irene’s photography work and also provide me with some ready inspiration to write some new short stories, poetry (where I still have a lot to learn) and in flash fiction (my latest attempt)

I have been working on a number of short stories (nearly all at once. My mind was everywhere, trying to split and do and think of everything all at once). The short fiction stories had to fit, as perfectly I could make them, with AnyiPhotography pieces that I have. It hasn’t been easy but it has definitely been worthwhile.

I plan to post my very first “On my Tippy Toes with AnyiPhotography” photo-inspired fiction/photography meets fiction chapter this coming Monday, 19th May.

Why can’t I post it today? Now?

Two reasons; one, I still need to work on the draft and make sure that there aren’t any typos and ensure that my grammar would please the Queen or at least make her smile in appreciation (Does the Queen of England read blogs? Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!), in general terms; editing and second, there’s beauty in anticipation. But also most importantly because I had to first introduce my dear Irene and her work, Anyiphotography to you, my peoples.

For purposes of going “uuuhh!!” and “aaahh!!” at AnyiPhotography pieces, search for AnyiPhotography on Facebook and Twitter and if you’re feeling lazy and want to go there without making your fingers or thumbs do the “leg work”, check out these links;


There are links everywhere. So don’t forget to like and follow the pages.

Take a look at her work and to add for the fun of it try to guess what kind of story I would possibly build from one of them. But please don’t share until I have posted my story. Your ideas may be more awesome and I would appreciate it if I wasn’t thrown off my own current flow.

Have a lovely weekend!!!


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4 thoughts on “Introducing; AnyiPhotography

  1. […] This is the first of the many photo-inspired short stories that I will be working on. This is for an exciting collaboration I have with AnyiPhotography. For more information about the collaboration, click HERE. […]

  2. otymjoel says:

    Oooooh my my my!!! I like this. And I’m thieving this idea too… in good faith. Thanks Elma, and to ma goo’d ol neighbor Irene, “gakyali mabaga”!!!

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