My tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

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Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing was nothing less than a shock to me. I understand that she had lived her life and lived it to what I believe was life in the fullest. But I guess in my mind I didn’t expect that she would be gone, at least not yet. I was still working toward finding my way to that level where I would be cordially invited to meet her and speak with her and chat about life and learn from her. I imagined I still had time to accomplish that dream but I guess her purpose had already been served and it is her time to rest.


Realisation that she is gone truly does break my heart in a way I can not truly explain because this isn’t a woman I ever had a conversation with. We never sat in the same room and yet still I feel like I have lost someone who is deeply important to me.

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She will forever be my mentor.

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Rest In Peace Dr. Maya Angelou

I wrote another tribute for Dr. Maya Angelou on ElleAfrique, a blogazine aimed at women’s empowerment Click HERE to get the full feature.


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