Kampala City


Whether you love it or hate it, (there will always be that negative bunch and yet somehow, they’re always still here when the sun rises over the hills of Kampala and still here when it sets) Kampala will forever be a city filled with exceptional drama, its own great grand thrill and rich in sunshine. We bask in it all from throughout the year. Sometimes thanking God for it all but even more often forgetting that what we have around us is beautiful and it is gold that we can truly harness.

The weather altogether is something else. Most times never consulting our evening news’ forecast to know whether to rain or shine and deciding to do both within the span of just one hour.

Besides the weather, what most inhabitants of Kampala share is our public transport system. There’s nothing quite like it. The taxis, the boda bodas, the cabs, the bicycles, every single one of them comes with a great dose of drama. Most of us are rather familiar with it and so I’m guessing that most people who will read this little piece will identify with just about everything.


I wrote Kampala City; The Woes of Public Transportation for ElleAfrique. For a quick reminder, even though you may be a few minutes or hours away from getting caught in it again, of how radiant Kampala’s public transport system is. Click HERE.

* * *

ElleAfrique is a blog magazine I contribute to. ElleAfrique is dedicated to women’s empowerment. There’s a feature, a piece and a story about just about everything



IMG-20140410-WA0003I want...lol...like for real though

cutsieToyota Duet


Any of the above will do, but we all know the ones I would REALLY like to have (perhaps I’m to old to be asking for a car from my father but this would be very last of the large requests I will ever have for my father…hehehe ) 🙂

But til then, I will keep myself entertained with public transportation system.



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6 thoughts on “Kampala City

  1. josephine says:

    I love love the article. so very true and hilarious. Jeez taxis!!! Oh and those women who step in with like 6 ‘buveeras’ and they expect you to help them carry some. seriously?!?! Ts always nice reading ur pieces. Bless you 🙂

    • Asio says:

      LOL!!! Thank you!!
      I never get asked for help to carry anything. Maybe it’s because I’m so tiny…lol!!
      How about the long distance commuters going to places like Masaka or further? and some of the passengers are carrying chicken and sugarcane, sacks of food.

      You’ve got to love taxis. We have more to talk about than people who don’t use them.

  2. hhmnnn i dont know how your old man responded (although i have an idea)
    you could check out my very own ” boda_boda beauties” on my blog
    goodstuff though *winks*

  3. Evelyn says:

    LOL of my life…your mental rants are the best…

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