ThinVoid at PIVOT East 2014

I admit that I have been quiet for a long time now. I shouldn’t make up any excuses for such behaviour, but things have been quite complicated on my side. So many things have been coming up, so many new opportunities. Many of which I didn’t think I would have a few months ago and they are the kind that need a great deal of attention.

This blog, however, is a peek into what I have been up to. I hope that my readers will understand my current situation.
And no worries, there are a number of stories I am working on.

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of JULY!!!


This blog post should have come out weeks ago. But we were caught up trying to re-harness our energy, taking charge of what we had already started and returning to the drawing board to add a few more vital points that we had picked up over those couple of days we had at PIVOT East conference.

There’s a storm brewing in the ThinVoid kitchen. A rather large storm; we got a little caught up stirring the pots, slicing and dicing. We had not forgotten to keep our lovely followers in the loop of all that’s happening and what is to come. And that is why I stepped out of the kitchen for a little while to share some of our most recent achievements as ThinVoid; being named one of the top five finalists in the Enterprise category for our amazing product “Tambula” at the Pivot East Competition.

PIVOT East is…

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