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Today, I hit 2500 views on my blog today. 2500!!! Yeeeeiii!!!


That may seem like a very very small number for some people, for some bloggers, but to me it’s huge. Who knew this blog would still be here after all this time…I didn’t. All I thought about in the beginning was, “Yo’ just start a blog, make a few rants about this and that and talk about whatever you want to”. Then in the middle of not having much to write about because my life is not that dramatic and basically not wanting too many people all up in my head, I finally got balls big enough to share my pieces, which was really scary. It still is. But that only made a little more confident about what I can actually write. Then the tweets and the Facebook posts sharing my blog posts started coming in and it was awesome. Then I would bump into old friends and they would introduce me as their friend the writer 🙂 and just like that this blog became an amazing experience.

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“…pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death…” she prayed. Her lips moved fast, mumbling and rumbling over each word.

The room was dimly lit. At the very centre was an old statue of the Virgin in her customary blue and white robe holding her son in her arms. It no longer shone the way it used to and a few cob webs hang loosely from it and swayed in the soft breeze that swept the room. It was placed on an even older wooden table covered with delicate white lace. A few dozen stick thin candles were spread out on the floor right in front of Bati. Behind her was a little window that let in a flood of moonlight.

The flames from the candles licked the air as their red fiery and burnt orange light danced and bounced off the dusty walls. It shone brightly on the statue plastering a grotesque shadow on the rest of the wall above it, one that Bati decided to ignore. She kept her head bowed low, caught up in prayer.

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