Today, I hit 2500 views on my blog today. 2500!!! Yeeeeiii!!!


That may seem like a very very small number for some people, for some bloggers, but to me it’s huge. Who knew this blog would still be here after all this time…I didn’t. All I thought about in the beginning was, “Yo’ just start a blog, make a few rants about this and that and talk about whatever you want to”. Then in the middle of not having much to write about because my life is not that dramatic and basically not wanting too many people all up in my head, I finally got balls big enough to share my pieces, which was really scary. It still is. But that only made a little more confident about what I can actually write. Then the tweets and the Facebook posts sharing my blog posts started coming in and it was awesome. Then I would bump into old friends and they would introduce me as their friend the writer 🙂 and just like that this blog became an amazing experience.

I still freak out while uploading my stories. My heart gets heavy, really heavy and beats much faster than usual and I start feeling faint and it’s crazy. I sometimes back out from adding anything until I fully convince myself that it won’t kill me even though I feels that way.
When I logged in on Friday morning, on the 17th, I had 2324 views, yes I took note because I’m weird like that. But now because that there’s a new number I have in mind, 2324 is one that I will forget very quickly, well not that quickly because within two days, the number of views jumped from 2324 to 2500. It may not look like much. But to me it’s huge.

I appreciate this more than any of my readers could ever imagine. I get teary whenever people say all these nice things about my pieces because all of a sudden, it feels like the internet wasn’t actually lying to me, you aren’t just numbers on my stats page, and you are all people, real people that take the time to read all my craziness.


So can I make an appeal? May I, please? Well, as a reader you can’t really say no so here goes. Could we turn this up a notch? Turn that 2500 views to like 3000 or even better, to like 3500. Go crazy people!! Go crazy!! Share the blog with everyone use your Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, viber. Tell your mother, your father, your siblings, with that girl who’s always has a face in a book, that guy whose computer is always on, oh you can share it with that dog with the blog <my peoples who watch the Disney channel will know who that is>. Yes, it freaks me out knowing that more people are reading my stuff and are finding my typos and grammatical errors <looking down shamefully> that I honestly stop seeing after going through my own work more than a 1000 times but, hey until it actually kills me, GO CRAZY share the blog!!

How many thank you blogs have I written so far? They will never be enough. Thank you!! Thank you!! My lovely people, this blog isn’t just mine anymore. It’s a little home where we can all convene <Does that sound corny? It kinda does> it’s a little telescope that we get to look through, together. <Does that sound any better?>

If you are a visitor here :), feel free to look go the Home page and find a story that you would like to read and come again.

Have a lovely week lovely people.

May God bless you all.


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2 thoughts on “2500

  1. Carefully written words. In light of the fact that you were “crazy” when writing this, this is another good piece.

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