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Hello!! Hello!! I’m back…well, I think I’m back

To say that I miss writing would be a rather odd thing to do considering that the job I have entails just that; writing. This blog has never really been about me writing about my life but I guess I can make an exception as and when I feel like it…it is my blog after all.

The last six months have been…I’m not sure what word to use, I’ll go with…amazing. If anyone had asked me at any one point before these six months what I thought my future would look like, I honestly wouldn’t have had a straight answer for them. All that I would able to say is that I love to write and that I would love nothing more than to create a sustainable career from writing stories and in my own way touching people’s lives; making them smile or laugh and cry. Then I got an opportunity that is nothing short of God showing off and showing me just how much favour and goodness He has in store for lil me. I also have my dear friend, my goofy, Hanniel to thank for opening this door for me. And then started the journey of a lifetime; I now work as scriptwriter for Fast Track Productions; the company responsible for bringing Uganda “The Hostel Series” and I’m beyond proud to work with an amazing group of people that have slowly crept into my heart and became another family that I treasure very dearly.

My new job has basically taken over my life. I’m not sure how else to explain it except to say that even when I’m not in the office creating stories with my team, I’m either writing the scripts or thinking about where the story is going and how to weave it the best way I can. Because, according to an observation given to me by a friend, I do not know to completely disengage and disconnect myself, a lot of the time, scripts are all that I tend to think about. Well, at least let’s thank God that my work is my passion so my mind on something that I love.

It’s taken a while to try and adjust so that I have some of my brain space back to accommodate more than just what is required of me at work. It’s been a long time coming but I’m trying. And what do I want to do with my freed up brain space? I want to write. I want to write I have missed being able to direct my energy and the little things that keep inspiring me to actually writing my own short stories and putting energy to that book that I still want to write…maybe I should say those books. 🙂

So to my readers, my lovelies out there (sometimes I say “my readers” with a whim of doubt, but a little voice in me keeps telling me that y’all are actually probably out there somewhere, for real, cheering me on, leave some comments, tweets so I know that you’re actually there 🙂 ) to my readers, I’m working on some pieces that I will be sharing as soon as I can coz I miss y’all (I do hope I’m not talking to myself over and I miss writing for me..for you.

May God’s blessing of cheer and favour be upon each one of you.

Cupcakes...because I love cake and I needed an image for this post :)

Cupcakes…because I love cake and I needed an image for this post 🙂