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Pilot!!! Monkeys and Ballerinas. Let’s Dance.

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the post itself. I just couldn’t think of a title and wrote the first things that came to my mind. And I was actually thinking about cartoons. Moving on swiftly…

It’s Monday and I imagine everyone is in the office at their desks working hard, making that paper unless of course you called in sick and not because you’re actually sick but because you just did not have energy to pull yourself out of bed especially after the weekend that you; that’s if your weekend was even anything close to hectic and busy busy busy, or your bed just whispered to you how much it misses your time together and you were like, “I need to spend a little more time with you” and then just faked that “I’ve got a sore throat” voice just so you could some more sleep. Or you’re the type that just hates their job and could care less whether or not you’re in the office on a Monday morning. Otherwise, I imagine everyone is at work or in school studying very hard.

This post isn’t about work and what people call Monday Blues. No. This post is about you taking a few minutes off work and finding a way to turn your computer away from your boss so that you can misuse the office wi-fi to check out a link that this sister has to show you. Lol!!! Yes, I’m secretly laughing with you as we concoct this plan to run down the office bandwidth. But this won’t take long so you won’t get into trouble and even if you do, it will be worth it. Tell the boss that it was just a simple 30 minute break and that after the break, you feel more energised to take on your workload and tasks for the day…YEEEAAHH!!! For those of you with enough data to keep the rest of the world happy, you can go ahead and save this for later and watch it off your phone or your laptop.

With that said, I’ll explain what is in this clip. I’ve been talking about having this amazing job where I wake up every morning to do what I love; write. But I have never actually shared any of the stuff that my team and I have been tirelessly working on. And now here it is. So maybe, my dear readers, I’m hoping that you would somehow be able to forgive me for not paying attention to you.

I have also added episodes 2 here so that y’all will able to get a nice taste for what we have in store for you. I hope you enjoy it.

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