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Don’t let them see you sweat 2



Photo credit: Peter Mayanja

He lay there smiling. I smiled back at him despising him. I stared into his eyes and tried to read his thoughts. But all I saw was everything I had come to learn in the last month. There was no going back. I had planned everything out. The needle was under my pillow and I could feel its presence like a throbbing of an ache one side of my head. I waited. He turned his back to me and that’s when I pulled out the needle and quickly jabbed him with it. Right in the neck. I knew the poison was doing its work when I saw the veins on his neck start to come alive, retreating from muscle beneath and coming up to the surface as if to breathe as the poison spread. He turned to me his hand examining where I had stabbed him. His eyes were wide open almost popping out of his skull. Why, they seemed to plead. Continue reading

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Don’t let them see you sweat 1


My husband has committed the most pernicious of sins against me. I found out about his mistresses about a week ago. Yes mistresses, not mistress, but mistresses. He’s away on company business so I have had time to simmer and sizzle in my anger. The first time I received a message from this illusive person I laughed it off confident that it was not meant for me and that the sender had got their contacts wrong. But then she sent more messages with a little more detail as to who I was. U r Luuka’s wife. I knw u. We v 2 mit n tok.

My skin crawled and it certainly wasn’t solely because of her annoying shorthand. She had spelt his name wrong; Luuka instead of the correct Luca, but most people did. But she was right about where he worked and what he did and she knew where we live. Paranoia kicked in. I don’t tell Val everything but I told Val this. It wasn’t a very good idea. She dug a much deeper hole for me to bury myself in. Val is a jaded divorcee. She swore off men and proclaimed herself as the “true definition of an independent woman”. I don’t know why I went to Val first knowing exactly how she would react.
“These men aren’t loyal,” she said, “if you ask him he’ll probably deny everything. I’ve heard stories like these before…I wonder why we even bother…men are dogs…you remember what happened with you-know-who” That did nothing but elicit more pain and anger.

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