Don’t let them see you sweat 1


My husband has committed the most pernicious of sins against me. I found out about his mistresses about a week ago. Yes mistresses, not mistress, but mistresses. He’s away on company business so I have had time to simmer and sizzle in my anger. The first time I received a message from this illusive person I laughed it off confident that it was not meant for me and that the sender had got their contacts wrong. But then she sent more messages with a little more detail as to who I was. U r Luuka’s wife. I knw u. We v 2 mit n tok.

My skin crawled and it certainly wasn’t solely because of her annoying shorthand. She had spelt his name wrong; Luuka instead of the correct Luca, but most people did. But she was right about where he worked and what he did and she knew where we live. Paranoia kicked in. I don’t tell Val everything but I told Val this. It wasn’t a very good idea. She dug a much deeper hole for me to bury myself in. Val is a jaded divorcee. She swore off men and proclaimed herself as the “true definition of an independent woman”. I don’t know why I went to Val first knowing exactly how she would react.
“These men aren’t loyal,” she said, “if you ask him he’ll probably deny everything. I’ve heard stories like these before…I wonder why we even bother…men are dogs…you remember what happened with you-know-who” That did nothing but elicit more pain and anger.

I should have talked to Essie first. She probably would have had something more encouraging to say. She would have probably laughed and said something like, “That’s ludicrous. Everyone lives in Kiwatule…he works with a large company…do you know everyone at O.P.A…maybe she meant some other Luka.”

But I’m not sure if it would have counted; Val was very tenacious when it came to her drawn out conclusions on deceitful men. I remember breaking into hives when the realisation that something could be awfully wrong hit. My husband had been acting rather strange for a while but I never paid it much attention. He’s caught up in his work. That property we’ve been trying to get is stressing him out. The banks just increased their interest rates. The dollar rate is killing us. The roads are bad. It’s been hot even I have been touchy lately. I had made more excuses for him than I cared to admit.

That “girl” sent more messages. She was done getting my attention and explaining who she was. She started demanding to see me. I thnk Luuka z cheating on us. Mit n tok. The nerve! “Us” as if we are a tag team of sorts and would win the championship belt together. She sent more messages saying that she knew that her “Luuka” was away on a business trip and that she was positive he was with another girl. Me, m vr sua. She had apparently been going through his phone. I was infuriated. There was enough in this to make a woman go mad; she had been smart enough to follow up on everything he said and did, there could be more girls for me to worry about. When I told Val about this, she was charged. She wants to meet you?! *pursued lips, cracking knuckles* Let’s. Go!!! Let’s see what she has to say for herself. I imagined this girl as callow and young, very young, the kind with a great amount of unwarranted untested confidence. But she had been smart enough to make sure that she used a number that was not registered or maybe she had just never bothered to register it. Val of course looked into this with her connections at the telecom company. Smart? Or just happened to have a convenient streak of luck? I didn’t want to think of her as smart or lucky.

I built the image of what she might look like. But it had no name. She had refused to give me her name and so every time I killed her in my mind she had a new name; Swine aka Sweezzle, Poop, Hussy, Poopshkin. Not very creative but then again, who has the time to be overly creative after learning that a lewd little miscreant has been trying to slide up next to your husband.

Will Val kill the side chic? Will the truth finally come out? Will punches fly? 

Love this story? Want to see how it all ends?

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21 thoughts on “Don’t let them see you sweat 1

  1. oouch i cnt say i relate but i like hw describe this whole setting

  2. You need to face your fears love. The sooner you deal with this, the better. Also, in case you need a professional hit-man, I know someone 😉

  3. Reading through the comments answered my question – this is not a true story, is it?
    Man, your writing… it is epic!
    You had me gone in a state of Val-ness!

    • Asio says:

      Lol, no, it is not a true story. Thank God. I never want to be in those shoes. I will break. But it’s great to know I have plenty of Val’s out there. 😊 😊

  4. This blog had me in knots and catching breath. Wonderful writing!! #Bravo

  5. ptaaga says:

    You do have a crazy imagination, that story is brutal raw emotion.

  6. What!! How on hell would you put yourself in this? This has got all my emotions on rampage, oozing like fresh cut.

  7. Alwyn A says:

    Lovely piece as always El……. On to part 2. With an overdose of excited suspence i must add

  8. Phee says:

    Finally read. Very interesting!

  9. […] physical violence?” That Green Wall or “Are you married? Did your husband cheat on you?” Don’t let them see you sweat. “You slept with Dave?!” I don’t think I like my shoes and so […]

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