Don’t let them see you sweat 2



Photo credit: Peter Mayanja

He lay there smiling. I smiled back at him despising him. I stared into his eyes and tried to read his thoughts. But all I saw was everything I had come to learn in the last month. There was no going back. I had planned everything out. The needle was under my pillow and I could feel its presence like a throbbing of an ache one side of my head. I waited. He turned his back to me and that’s when I pulled out the needle and quickly jabbed him with it. Right in the neck. I knew the poison was doing its work when I saw the veins on his neck start to come alive, retreating from muscle beneath and coming up to the surface as if to breathe as the poison spread. He turned to me his hand examining where I had stabbed him. His eyes were wide open almost popping out of his skull. Why, they seemed to plead.

My pulse started to build as I watched him die. He tried to reach out to me. I flinched. My heart fluttered and leaped inside my chest. What am I doing? I raised my hand to touch him drawing an inch closer back to him when I remembered it all, the lies, the secrets, my broken heart, my ruined pride, how he used to leave his socks laying around the house even when I asked him to keep laundry in the laundry basket…

You’re probably wondering, Dear Lord, what happened next? WHAT HAPPENED NEXT??!! If you love this story and want to see the end, like I know you do, buy HOMEGROWN LOVE.

The book is available on AMAZON, BARNES&NOBLE, and WORDERY 

If you happen to be in Kampala, Uganda, you can get a copy of the book from your nearest Aristoc Bookshop.



I’d like to thank Peter Mayanja for his amazing and tremendously inspiring photography (which I shall continue to use on this blog ☺)

If you love what he did with the image above, wait til you see what he did here.

I have pushed myself to write much more than I often do for #UGBlogWeek. I guess this is good thing.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t let them see you sweat 2

  1. Pudding&pie says:

    Great story, kill Poopshkin too

  2. Petesmama says:

    Yeah, I was also wondering what painful goodies were in store for slimy Poopface.

    Nice, vivid one.

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