Christmas GIVEAWAY winners

Yes, this is coming in late. This madam has been a little under the weather over the past. To answer that question that must be looming in your mind, “Yes, I ‘ate’ Christmas quite well.” You’ve got to fake it til you make it. I even got up and danced for my family for like two minutes before getting caught in bouts of cough.

But the show must go on, the numbers are in and the winner of the “portfolio Christmas giveaway” is;

  • Patricia Kigula @ayampatra

And because we’re all still kinda caught up in that festive mood. I thought how about adding a little something something to this mix even though I hadn’t talked about it before and so because of their love for hats some merry people will receive discounts on their hat purchases;

  1. Kirabo Byabashaija @therisingpage
  2. Simon Kaheru @skaheru
  3. Michael Kwizera @theKwizera

A huge “Thank you” to everyone who has been a part of this. There will be more giveaways in the future. Most likely even very very very soon.

Another huge “Thank you” to all my readers. While I rest to get rid of this cold, I am writing and writing and writing so that 2016 is filled with even more wonderful, hopefully funny and possibly heart wrenching stories.


May God continue to bless you all!!(but of course He is)


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3 thoughts on “Christmas GIVEAWAY winners

  1. ayampatra says:

    To more good reads in the coming year. Thank you Elma and get better soon. Happy new year :*

  2. My name is in the winners post… I am gerring a new hat soon… My wallet and wardrobe are in a state of excitement…

  3. Mystic Bad Man says:

    Wonderful wonderful!

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