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I had a dream about you last night. In it, you were clad in a soft silk dress. It was yellow and hang loosely over your body. There were people in the room with you, but all their voices seemed muted and their faces and forms blurred. I remember seeing you smile as you spoke to one of them but it felt empty, another mask you wore to hide your pain.

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The rebound, the fluffer and the back-up


I speak for women when I say that we need to have all three of these men in our lives. I don’t fully understand men enough to speak for them on this front. But I speak for women and women need them. We really do.

In the course of a woman’s life, she will be heartbroken, she will set her sights on a man that she cannot actually have and try anyway, she will give the wrong man a chance and end up regretting it and feeling like her time and emotions were severely wasted and she will be single and possibly question what is wrong with her and why no potential suitors- the kind that she wants coming her way- aren’t noticing her like she hoped they would. All these are likely to happen to every woman at least once in her lifetime.

Because of all these very unfortunate events, every woman at one point in time or another is going to need a rebound, a fluffer or the back-up. Who are these special men? They are necessary distractions from the cruelty that the world presents to women’s emotions.

For all those who aren’t yet aware of who and/or what these men are, here’s a breakdown for you. You just might realize that you already have them in your life.

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