Why aren’t you published yet?


For a while, before I even started this blog, I have been asked that question and I had always shied away from answering it.”Why aren’t you published yet?” Readers have come to this blog and said the loveliest of things about the stories I write. Some have sent private messages asking when the next short story is coming out or demanding what happened to a character I created. Others have struck up conversations either over the phone, on social media and in person about how amused they were by a story or how a story meant something to them (why you no put all this in comment section, eh?) There have also been those readers who say, “You could do this better”, or try this and read that. And I did. I still am. I have taken all these into consideration-the praise and the criticism-to try and make myself a better a writer. I have combed through the internet to look for resources and read long articles on ‘how-to’s of writing, improved my reading habits, taken on more writing roles (that overwhelm me sometimes) I think I have become a better writer…I think.

“Why aren’t you published yet?” For a long time I have had all kinds of answers to this question including reasoning like, “Little me from little Uganda? How?”, “How does one even go about getting published?”, “I am no Ngugi Wa Thiong’o or Sidney Sheldon or Stephen King or Jane Austen or Toni Morrison” But I guess no one expects me to be like any of those writers. They expected me to get off my butt, figure out how to get published and stop saying “Little me from little Uganda”

Since January, (was it Jan? Evelyn, did we start work in Jan?) I have been preparing myself to have a new answer to that question: “Why aren’t you published yet?” (And this is why I haven’t been actively posting anything on the blog. well, one of the reasons.) Soon enough this conversation will have a different end. Possibly something like:

Me: Haven’t you seen the book I co-authored with my good friend, Evelyn Karungi?

Intrigued person: You have a book?!

Me: Oh hell ya.

*exchange of money for book if I happen to have it on me (like a hawker) or contact of bookshops or shops where the book can be found*

And there you have it my people (are you still out there my people?) there’s a book coming out. The book cover has been masterfully created. The book has been edited and edited and had about half a dozen people look through it so far. I am beyond nervous and that anxious situation in my soul has caused me to write quite a bit (so maybe it’s a good thing that I am so darn nervous, the next book could end up writing itself)

Book launch dates will be communicated.


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2 thoughts on “Why aren’t you published yet?

  1. Za Book Sief says:

    PDF version?
    I have a flash! Lol!

    Good on you.

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