I had a dream about you last night. In it, you were clad in a soft silk dress. It was yellow and hang loosely over your body. There were people in the room with you, but all their voices seemed muted and their faces and forms blurred. I remember seeing you smile as you spoke to one of them but it felt empty, another mask you wore to hide your pain.

Then you looked at me. You looked straight at me with those almond shaped eyes. Most times in my dreams, nothing is clear, but this time it was all so crisp.

I could see the form of your face; how soft and beautiful it was, how the little wrinkles beneath your eyes only added to your glory. Then I saw tears flow down your cheeks, sweats on your brow and your trembling hand that held a glass.

I felt the need to reach out and touch and you but I couldn’t reach you. You looked back at the person you were talking to. Your face changed. Suddenly, the tears weren’t at the corners of your eyes, their trails had disappeared from your cheeks, you held your glass steadily and smiled as you engaged in conversation.

I think I really saw you then, Lucy. I think I really did.


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2 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. I think I also saw Lucy…

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