We (we being myself and Evelyn Karungi my co-author) are counting down days to our book, Homegrown Love’s launch. The title I had in mind at first was “Homegrown Love and other recipes for madness” and “Homegrown Love and other reasons to live”. But all those were too long and something sweet and deep resonated with me whenever the phrase “homegrown love” came up and so we decided to go with that title.

This all started as a joke.

“I want to write a book,”

“My lifelong dream is to have a book,”

“I hope I can have something out before I die,”

“I’m hoping I can have some of my stories out while I’m still slightly sane. Winter’s coming,”

“We should write a book together,”

“We should,”

And then there were a trillion email exchanges over the next few months, motivational reminders and then an editor was involved. And then a publisher was involved. And then a book cover was designed. And then the publisher sent us the final layout of the book to have a look-see. And then I cried. Why? Because of this…


The most exciting thing in this image isn’t that my name is plastered across a page (that I didn’t type out myself), it isn’t the title that I helped pick out for a book that is finally being published with my words and sentences in it.

The most exciting part about this page for me is the ISBN. That series of numbers made my eyes water. I was getting emotional all alone by the way. Evelyn is a tough cookie, not a single tear.

I sent this image out to a number of my friends with the hashtag #canibragfortwoseconds. It was more than two seconds. It was about a minute or five. For some that number is something that is too small to be excited over, but for me it is everything. It has brought me so much pleasure. My work colleagues made me even happier by giving me high-fives (and fist bumps, also known as a bonga in these parts) and saying, “Eh mama she has her own ISBN” HELL YA!

And now the book’s on Amazon (click here for a direct link to purchase the book) and Barnes&Noble (click here for a direct link to purchase the book) with our names on it.

I’m still…confused to say the least. It’s surreal.

Is this really happening? Well, yes it is. My thoughts and words are in a book.

To lovers of books (and lovers of this blog), there will be a Book Launch in Kampala (dates will be communicated) where you can buy as many copies as one human possibly can.

To lovers of all things African (who also from time to time complain about how so little of our literature is out there) buy this book, order, pre-order, book a copy.

Our stories will be shared with the world. We’re getting there…one story, one book at a time.



Cheers…to the success of Homegrown Love and to many maaany more books to come!

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5 thoughts on “Published!

  1. Woohooo!!! Go you! ISBN and all…
    Waiting for the Kampala dates…

    PS: Can we get the Kindle version as well?

  2. Kennedy Kasozi says:

    Yep , …… I knw an author believe me thats what u are going to write in my copy of ur 1st ….release ,but hei cant wait reeeead it

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