Of Warmth


I know your smile.

If I were asked to paint a portrait with that smile,

I wouldn’t know where to start,

but I know that smile.

I know the shyness that comes with it,

the sweet, absolute, child-like joy that erupts from a hidden place.

I know its charm,

how it shines through my storms,

and suddenly I’m disarmed.

I know your smile.

I know how it feels.

I know its warmth,

its invitation to bask in its glory,

to pull me out of the shadows of my dark cloud.

I know your smile.

I can hear it in the way you laugh.

I can hear it in the silence.

I can hear it in the “I love you”s

I know how it widens exposing your beautiful milky teeth,

how rounded and warm your cheeks get,

how it feels like watching a flower bloom,

how it fills my heart.

I know your smile,

I can see it in the beautiful gleam in your eyes

I can see it in the way they squint.

I know that its purity.

I know its beauty.

and how it means the world to me

because it says to me,

“I am here.”


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4 thoughts on “Of Warmth

  1. Senorita Nabafu says:

    Elma hun this is beautiful

  2. Clare Athieno says:

    wonderful piece

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