The hardest thing about writing


It hurts. Writing for me has always been about emotions evoked and summoned. It’s about empathy and not just being able to see someone else’s perspective, but feeling their emotions too, digging deep enough to get on the same level with their psyche so I can tell their truth completely and fully. And it hurts to have to carry someone’s demons and pain even if it’s just for a moment.

This is why reading pieces I have already written is always hard for me and editing turns into a tedious battle. It’s not about seeing what word comes next or simply looking out for typos and grammatical errors. It’s about going back into that place, that mindset that I was in when I wrote a piece. It’s like bits of you ripped again. It quite honestly feels that way. This might sound strange and almost other worldly, but that’s my truth.

This is why you need an editor. Lots of people say this and many will offer to do this for you, but how often is it that you find an editor who gets the spirit that you were in while you wrote? Is the editor on the same wave length as that voice in your head that revealing its pain? When your editor listens to the song or looks at a photograph or art piece that spoke to you, do they hear and see what you do? More often than not, they really don’t. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who gets you and fully understands your work, then you’re in luck. This editor whoever they may be needs to be able to feel the voice in a piece you have written. Feel a voice? Strange, yes? But that’s the way it is sometimes, it isn’t always about what you do with your ears than what you are able to do with your heart and soul.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” This is a quote by Ernest Hemingway on writing. I happened upon it a few years back and it still resonated with me every time I write.

 There’s so much that goes into any piece of writing whether it’s poetry or a novel or screenplays or comedy sketches to everything in-between. There are pieces of you, pieces of your family, your friends, that woman on the street who was carrying her baby with the sense of urgency slapped across her face who for a second you felt connected to. There is nothing light about those pieces that you wield and turn into beautiful written word. There is nothing light about any of it. There is nothing inconsequential about any of it.

So should we stop writing because it hurts? Never! It is for that very reason that we must. Because if you decide not to bleed at your typewriter, where will you bleed safely and completely?

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I bled into this.

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2 thoughts on “The hardest thing about writing

  1. Ah. Glad I found this blog. I just finished reading it.

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