My name is Elma. A 20 something with a crazy sweet tooth and a love for spicy food (all kinds of food actually) 🙂

Why do I write?

Because it soothes me in a way I cannot explain fully. I love creating stories, breathing life into them with something as simple as words. My greatest desire in all this would be to touch a heart, soothe a soul, uplift a spirit, calm a storm, maybe bring a smile here and cause some cheerful laughter there.

Happiness is a greater and more beautiful thing when shared.

Follow me on Twitter; @ElmaCuppycake

If you feel that Twitter isn’t personal enough and want to say hello or just share your own life story with me, you can send an email to onmytippytoes.ea@gmail.com and yes it is a private email dedicated to my readers.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Chisom says:

    Hi Elma…I came upon your blog by absolute chance and am I glad! You write so well, so very well. I am definitely following your blog now…hopefully we can work on some projects together in the near future. Cheers!!

    • Asio says:

      Hello, Chisom!!!
      I’m glad fate led you to somehow find my blog.
      Thank you!! I appreciate everything you have to say about my blog.
      I look forward to whatever discussing the projects you have in mind.

  2. I am officially stalking you. I am smite by your art of writing and how you use the imagery

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