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We (we being myself and Evelyn Karungi my co-author) are counting down days to our book, Homegrown Love’s launch. The title I had in mind at first was “Homegrown Love and other recipes for madness” and “Homegrown Love and other reasons to live”. But all those were too long and something sweet and deep resonated with me whenever the phrase “homegrown love” came up and so we decided to go with that title.

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Why aren’t you published yet?


For a while, before I even started this blog, I have been asked that question and I had always shied away from answering it.”Why aren’t you published yet?” Readers have come to this blog and said the loveliest of things about the stories I write. Some have sent private messages asking when the next short story is coming out or demanding what happened to a character I created. Others have struck up conversations either over the phone, on social media and in person about how amused they were by a story or how a story meant something to them (why you no put all this in comment section, eh?) There have also been those readers who say, “You could do this better”, or try this and read that. And I did. I still am. I have taken all these into consideration-the praise and the criticism-to try and make myself a better a writer. I have combed through the internet to look for resources and read long articles on ‘how-to’s of writing, improved my reading habits, taken on more writing roles (that overwhelm me sometimes) I think I have become a better writer…I think.

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