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The Pursuit of Lady Laura 3

This is the third and final installment of THE PURSUIT OF LADY LAURA. If you are reading this and did not read The Pursuit of Lady Laura 1 and The Pursuit of Lady Laura 2, please do.


Elma the Oracle is still staring into space. Everyone in the room is still quiet waiting to hear what Elma the Oracle has to say. At some point it starts to get a little awkward. Someone in the back coughs. Everyone starts to look at each other. Elma the Oracle suddenly blinks her eyes trying to refocus her sight.

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The Pursuit of Lady Laura 2

The following is episode 2 in our cycle of about nonsense. If you did not get a chance to read part 1, follow the link here The Pursuit of Lady Laura 1



Imagine Kamwokya’s open space on Friday on a market day and it looks something like a wild wild west desert type of scene. The few people that are still in the area are running away scared. They are running and hiding behind kiosks and stalls. The space is finally silent. Sir John walks up and stands in front of Sir Hubert. The two stare at each for longer than 5 seconds. We see notice the water hose Sir John is holding but even then he doesn’t break eye contact. A wind sweeps over the open ground and we see dust rising and rolling passed them along with some tumbleweed and maybe some kaveeras with tiny bits of remaining bites of our famous rolex delights. Out of nowhere Amanda steps up and winks at Sir John.


Are you ready to dance, big boy?

*Insert suitable sound track; something by like Imagine Dragons*

She suddenly starts to run towards Sir John in attack mode like a lioness in the Serengeti. Then a flash of light like those ones we usually used to see in Samurai X when waved his sword.

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