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Cloudy Windows


It’s raining outside. I can barely see anything. I hate the rain. It reminds me of you and the day you did things that woke my skin…and later everything else. You remember, don’t you? It doesn’t matter. I do.

We had had to sit through a long boring training that day. It had something to do with sexual harassment and acceptable work decorum. I was bored and I felt it was an absolute waste of everyone’s time because most people in that place were kinda just…you know how they were. I was going through a difficult time then, remember?! Because I was trying to quit smoking and sitting through that training did not help. So I asked to step out for a second. I remember how our supervisor was sitting closer to the door, watching everyone who left the room like a hawk and demanding for reasons for leaving the room like some kind of medieval executioner who loved his job too much and preferred not to grant people life. When he asked me why I had to step out, I stared back at him angrily, the nicotine levels in my blood already at devastatingly low levels, bored and pissed off out of my mind and said, “Unless you’d rather I bleed all over this place…” He let me out before I could go into detail and finish the monologue I had prepared to spew at him. Continue reading

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I don’t think I like my shoes

4 days to go

I think. I’m about. To lose. My mind. I just might kill someone with my bare hands and cut them with the diamond on my engagement ring in a rage.

Only four days to my wedding and my gown isn’t even here yet. It’s a Portman&Taylor gown. They are no Oscar de la Renta but they make absolutely gorgeous wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses and I have the pleasure of having a godmother who wants to overcompensate because she won’t be able to make it to my wedding. I should have just come back home with my gown. But silly me, I had to go ahead and ask for a few details to be added to my gown.

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