The hardest thing about writing


It hurts. Writing for me has always been about emotions evoked and summoned. It’s about empathy and not just being able to see someone else’s perspective, but feeling their emotions too, digging deep enough to get on the same level with their psyche so I can tell their truth completely and fully. And it hurts to have to carry someone’s demons and pain even if it’s just for a moment.

This is why reading pieces I have already written is always hard for me and editing turns into a tedious battle. It’s not about seeing what word comes next or simply looking out for typos and grammatical errors. It’s about going back into that place, that mindset that I was in when I wrote a piece. It’s like bits of you ripped again. It quite honestly feels that way. This might sound strange and almost other worldly, but that’s my truth.

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Lest I drown,

hold my hand.

Lest I fall back into these deep waters,

hold it firm.

Lest these thorn rip me apart again,

Hold my hand, bring me back.

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