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Quick!!! Wear this!!!

This post is long overdue.

Graphics credit: Isaac Ndahura

Graphics credit: Isaac Ndahura

Today, I’m not here to tell tales about the people that live in my head and whisper secrets to me during the most unusual times; while I’m doing dishes, while I’m holding onto my hat when it gets too windy.

I’m here to talk about the way I keep the people who live in my mind stuck there, until they feed me their truth as I in turn protect them from the crazy Kampala sun that tends to scorch every single one of us. Kla dwellers have to go through this nearly every day. It causes us to hide in our houses and offices and classrooms during the day until about 6.00 p.m when the sun seems a little more calm, like someone finally gave her the nice firm scratch that she needed so that the inflammation she was bouncing right at us could finally stop. When we have no choice but to leave our refugee to go run errands, we take deep breaths and gather up so much mojo…so much that it could kill Austin Powers, rush out of our homes to get hings done quickly and then rush home for a cold soothing shower….I’m sorry, I’m ranting…

Today I’m here to talk about HATS 🙂



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Weighing scale woes

This is going to be a long one. Bear with me. It all leads somewhere. I promise.

When I was a little girl, I didn’t love my food very much. I was extremely picky with what I ate and that made things even worse. My mother had the unpleasant task of forcing me to eat whenever it was meal time. I hated the taste of onions, couldn’t bear the sight of vegetables and didn’t enjoy the taste of millet bread very much. Basically didn’t enjoy just about everything that was good for me.

It wasn’t until I turned 11 or so years old that I started trying to finish my meals but only because I was often told that I was too skinny and that once I joined high school, older girls would find it much easier to bully me than any other girl in the freshman class.

I believe it was in my early teenage years that I began to truly appreciate food. Being in boarding school changed so much. It’s like my taste buds were being awakened for the very first time. So many girls at school had mastered the art of making their food taste so much better with all kinds of spices and oils and I just loved food. Because of this, and possibly also my raging hormones, I gained close to 20 kilos within the next four years. I think most of it within the very first years of high school.

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