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Of delicious treats and hugs from God

There are things that I’m pretty sure nearly every single person alive loves and enjoys and makes them feel like they are being a huge, sweet hug. Things that bring some kind of peace and calm, not just to one’s body but that reach deep into one’s soul and lets you feel so warm and cozy.

Call me crazy. maybe I am but I’ve always believed that those little things that warm me up from my soul to my heart are little treats from God. Ways in which he shows us in His own way that He loves us. They are often the simplest of things and every person alive has their own.

Some of the greatest little blessings that God has ever given mankind in this emotion filled craziness that we all call life;

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The Goodie Good Greatness of God

The festive season came with a huge bang for me and even after the season was truly over; it took me sloth weeks to get back to somehow recover from all the festivities’ action and chaos. My dearest pal, my laptop, has also been acting a little bizarre like a little toddler with unreasonable unexplainable tantrums. But thanks to a good friend, the little monster is being a sweetheart once again and I’m the happiest Mama ever.

The month may be coming to an end but it’s still January and it is never too late for this;



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