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February, 2014

And so it is February…is it still okay for me to say “Happy New Year”?!?! Oh well…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The last time I posted anything on my blog was sadly nearly a whole year ago. That’s a very long time in blogging timelines, right? I believe so. I had so much going on; too much that I think I lost myself at some point in time. But hurray, that makes for more blog posts now because I have so many stories to tell unless I just decide to summarise everything into one very long blog post.

2013 ended beautifully and I am even more hopeful for 2014…so much that I have code named it “Year of Elmie” (my name is already cute, but it never hurts to make it cuter) I intend to make the very best and most out of this year. I am not growing any younger and yet there is so much I want to achieve in a limited time frame. There’s so much learning and building to do. But before I even jump into all this, there’s obviously a need to put everything into God’s hands.

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