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The Pursuit of Lady Laura 3

This is the third and final installment of THE PURSUIT OF LADY LAURA. If you are reading this and did not read The Pursuit of Lady Laura 1 and The Pursuit of Lady Laura 2, please do.


Elma the Oracle is still staring into space. Everyone in the room is still quiet waiting to hear what Elma the Oracle has to say. At some point it starts to get a little awkward. Someone in the back coughs. Everyone starts to look at each other. Elma the Oracle suddenly blinks her eyes trying to refocus her sight.

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The Pursuit of Lady Laura 1


The story below is a parody at most, and is loosely based on facts surrounding the past and ongoing chats that occur in a whatsapp group that I am a member. Before you go all crazy, they asked me to do this. And now I’m waiting for my money.

I must add that the members of that group are a bunch of crazy people. We all went to high school together which is probably where we caught the condition of “being absolutely ridiculous” from. Some of the aspects in this post are inside jokes that only people in the group would get which is rather unfair for the rest of the world but I hope that regardless, you will all enjoy the story. I also hope it doesn’t piss anyone off. Again, loosely based on facts…almost not even based on facts.
This started off as a joke but then I thought about it and I was like, “Challenge accepted”


A bit of backstory so y’all know where we’re coming from. We’re living in a fantasy world where if you feel your heart has been bruised, abused and torn apart, you can have it removed so you won’t catch feelings ever again and crystalised, the colour and gems your heart takes is sometimes a show of what kind of person you are. Warriors in this time also did this so that they were near invincible on the battle ground. But one must be able to guard their heart because it still remains one of your most vital organs, duh…otherwise if found, you could die and the physical claimer of your heart would be richer, because gems yo’.

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