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At my father’s gate

My father found me. He caught me. He found me in the arms of a young man right outside his gate. He found me. He caught me; his unmarried presumably innocent daughter in the arms of a young man right outside his gate.

I am in love, you see and I cannot be convinced otherwise. Everything within me jumps with elation when I think of him, when I dream of him, when I see him, when I speak to him.

He came to me. My love came to me; to my father’s house and waited right outside the gate. He called me saying, “I’m outside! Please, come out!” He didn’t have to say it twice. He didn’t even have to say please. Thank the heavens, I had just had a shower. “He will love the sweet scent of my skin,” I thought to myself as I happily hurried out of the house and to him, my love who waited right outside my father’s gate.

We often sat in his car whenever he dropped by to see me. Not today. I found him standing in the driveway. He seemed quite distraught. On acknowledging my presence, he walked to me silently, majestically and hugged me and held me. An embrace so tight one would think I’d fly away. I would never, not without him. Continue reading

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