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Photo Credit: Irene Namuganyi Photography

I come to this cafe often. The walls are painted in a dark creamy beige that reminds me of vanilla and ice cream and cinnamon and warm, soft pastries for some reason. Maybe it’s the whiff of brewing coffee that hits you the moment you enter the cafe. Every time I come here, my mind immediately goes to Cookie, his infectious from-the-belly laugh, froth and whipped cream, spices and sweets, breads and cake. It’s all so comforting.

This is the corner where I often sit. There’s a much more airy and open part of the cafe surrounded by very green, very much alive plants that create a cool comforting space. But I prefer to sit in this little corner of mine.

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A special toast for my birthday

My birthday is in a few days. At this very moment, I have absolutely nothing planned out expect for possible lunch dates. I’m hoping I can link up with as many people as possible and have some mind boggling conversations and top it all off with some great laughs; enough to keep me happy for the rest of the year. I still have a couple of days to plan things out so hope for my birthday isn’t lost yet.

I’m getting closer to that age at which I believed I’d have my entire life sorted out and still I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I ought to have achieved. But even then I’m still thankful for so much and because I still live and breathe and have time to turn things around. For now I hope I can be given the leeway to go around professing that I’m 20.

Since I won’t have all my peoples in one place on my birthday <at least I highly doubt I will> I’d like to make a toast here. Hopefully you’ll all get to see it.

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