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The Old Man


It was meant to be an ordinary day just like any other. All Katu had to do that day was go into town to run a few errands for her mother and return home before the late evening traffic morphed into its usual monstrous form.

It was 12.00 noon and the sun was at its highest, glaring and scorching everything in sight. Being in a taxi at that time had turned into a bit of a horror for her but she was thankful that she was nestled safely near a window that wasn’t jammed or sealed shut. The fresh air, warm as it may have been, was a great blessing and she could count on the gushing wind that came when the taxi picked up speed to help cool her off.

She dreaded the moments when the taxi had to stop to pick up more passengers. The stop at the Kamwokya stage was the longest. The conductor was determined to fill up the taxi even though there were only three empty seats, which could have easily been filled along the way.

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