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Amara woke with a deep gasp. She felt numb like she had been pulled out a strong tide. It’s how she had been waking up for the last month. She held her chest and tried to calm herself but the more she thought, the tighter it seemed to get until she was nearly choking and gasping for breath.

“Breathe,” she told herself. It’s what she did every time she had dreams like these, the ones that jumbled her mind up so much that she saw them as nightmares.

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Twenty Three Thousand Five Hundred


It was the very first thing that popped into Aguti’s mind the moment she woke. She was glad that the children were home for the holidays. Angel, her eldest child, would take care of her siblings. Aguti’s twin sons were a stubborn pair but they respected Angel enough to listen to her. Baby Acheng would not throw a tantrum for not being allowed to go to school. The child needed the rest.

Knowing that Amooti, her husband was working the evening shifts at the police station was a bit of a relief too. She did not have the energy or the patience for him, not today.

“Twenty three thousand five hundred!!! Twenty three thousand five hundred!!!” Aguti muttered this to herself as she quickly got ready for the day ahead. She had a quick shower and was dressed within minutes, securing her leso around her waist as she finished.

She didn’t want to wake her children, not even to say goodbye. It was far too early to be waking them. As she readied her things to leave for a hard day’s work, she was surprised to hear Angel and Baby Acheng voices from the children’s room. She peeked in to see what they were doing. Angel had a torch in her hand lighting a story book Amooti had recently bought for them.

Angel was reading to Baby Acheng. They heard the swishing sound of the curtain that separated the living room from the children’s room, looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back exposing her beautiful white teeth. She then made a silly face, crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out. Baby Acheng burst out and laughed. She let them be. The boys would not be woken by anything other than the sun or the smell of breakfast.

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