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Amara woke with a deep gasp. She felt numb like she had been pulled out a strong tide. It’s how she had been waking up for the last month. She held her chest and tried to calm herself but the more she thought, the tighter it seemed to get until she was nearly choking and gasping for breath.

“Breathe,” she told herself. It’s what she did every time she had dreams like these, the ones that jumbled her mind up so much that she saw them as nightmares.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Tatiana Karanja

If this demon will not leave me as quietly as it came, then I will drown it under the calmness of these waters. I have filled the tub. I will wait and watch as it bubbles out through my pores and washes out into the water. Then I’ll sink it down the drain.

But I’m afraid. What if it doesn’t work? What if it crawls further into my soul deepening that pit of emptiness it has created?

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