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Merry Christmas (…and saying goodbye to 2015 in style…+GIVEAWAY)

I settled on this title for this post because it’s the festive season. Wooohooo, KULISIMAS!!! I’m terrible with titles but somehow even the worst ones kind of tend to stick and work.


This post goes round and round in a circle.


PHOTO CREDIT: Tatiana Karanja

I tend to write in first person a lot…like a lot A LOT. I guess I find it more intimate and more connected to my characters and I like to somehow be in touch with them on that level. So I tend to get asked questions like, “Have you suffered physical violence?” That Green Wall or “Are you married? Did your husband cheat on you?” Don’t let them see you sweat. “You slept with Dave?!” I don’t think I like my shoes and so on.

But no, no, aaahh, not married yet, no, I don’t know any Dave’s. I write in first person because…just because… I haven’t been physically abused but I know people who have been through those kinds of tragedies. I haven’t been married yet or had a husband who cheated on me but I know what heartbreak feels like. I know its colours and hues. I know its numbing effect and I certainly know enough people who have been through heartbreak to fill an entire book.

It pleases me that readers these stories feel connected to these stories as much as I am when I bleed my heart out at the typewriter (yes, I’m being dramatic, but it sometimes feels that way)

So if these stories aren’t really mine from my life, where do they come from? I don’t even know. I just look at things and people and situations and it comes to me. Sometimes really slowly (for instance while I’m doing dishes) Sometimes all at once (also while I’m doing dishes) And sometimes I just ask myself, “what if?”

Right before I wrote “I don’t think I like my shoes”, I had attended a wedding. A lovely wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. The couple is one of those “so cute I could cry” or “so cute I want to write a song about their love” or “so cute I want to gag” depending on who you are and what you’re going through at the time…I guess. After that wedding, I was thinking, “what if?” and I was itching to write plus the SSWC 2 deadline was drawing to a close so I just had to. And so I wrote it and sleepily sent it. Most times, I tend to publish stuff with sleep in my eyes or in my fingers. I’m sorry about that by the way.

Sometimes I write and imagine that I’m writing to myself because it feels that way. The stats after I post my blogposts often shock me. Sometimes I even wonder whether what the stats are showing me are actual people or just robots or super-computers that browse through a million blogs each day and mine being one of them. And so I want to thank you, lovely people. You beautiful beautiful people that read my blog and share it and tell the rest of the world about it, you are a blessing to this little Itesot girl’s heart. You make me happy. I am extremely grateful.

Yalama noi noi.


PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Mayanja

On that note, I’d like to talk about the GIVEAWAY.


What kind of person would I be if I did not give during the festive season and after even my shoe guy gave me a free pair of sandals and to top everything off, after the Lord has blessed me so much and been beyond faithful? A not so nice Christian, that’s what.


PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Mayanja

So yes, there’s a GIVEAWAY. Some of you probably only came to read this post because you saw the word GIVEAWAY and got tot’s excitos. *insert fireworks and confetti*
So what are we giving away?! Myself and portfolio are giving away hats. HATS. NOT JUST ANY HATS…lovely, amazing, the-word-beautiful-does-not-even-come-close-to-fully-describing-them hats, well just one, if my pocket agrees, I’ll buy more.



While I was thinking about this giveaway, I was wondering how exactly I would pick someone to win the hats. Because I have had quite a number of faithful readers, it’s hard to just pick one person to take the prize. So after sitting down with a couple of intelligent people, we decided that the best way about this was through something as simple as shares, just that; shares.


PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Mayanja

So here are the steps to getting yourself in the running for the GIVEAWAY;

  1. Like this post and/or add a comment, possibly one in which rant about the festive season because I would love to hear from you.
  2. Share this post on Social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. If you don’t want to share this post because it just brings more people into the game, lol!! You can, pick your favourite blogpost on this blog or just a link to the blog’s homepage.
  3. Let’s not forget to tag me; Elma Asio in these posts just so I know how many times you have been able to share.
    On Twitter; @elmacuppycake. On Facebook; Elma Asio, you can also share portfolio’s Facebook page; portfolio Kampala. On Google+; Elma Asio. On LinkedIn; Elma Asio. On Instagram; (no I’m not on IG) you can simply repost one of our portfolio’s pictures and tag their handle @portfolio_kampala. You can also share this on Whatsapp but there’s no way of me knowing how many times you’ve shared unless of course, you don’t mind letting us into your world and sharing screenshots of how many people you have shared the post, your favourite post and’or the blog’s homepage link with us and adding them as comments on this posts.
  4. Keep sharing and sharing and sharing until people say, “Owaye, my data”
  5. The reader who gets to take the prize will be announced on the 28th of December 2015. After Christmas but with enough time for y’all to usher the new year in with a brand near hat(s). #santacamelate #santacamebeforethenewyear

PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Mayanja

That isn’t so hard, is it? And guess what, I’m not picking the prize hat(s). Nope, I won’t do that. The reader with the most shares gets to pick the hat they want. Beauty in giveaways should be in having exactly what you want, right?

This giveaway will only be possible for readers within East Africa. The wallet yo’, lol, shipping costs and al’, the wallet yo’. That’s only problem I gatts righ’ with involving the whole world in this giveaway. See me being honest with you. Don’t you just love me?! I’ll have more to give when the new year comes around.


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Quick!!! Wear this!!!

This post is long overdue.

Graphics credit: Isaac Ndahura

Graphics credit: Isaac Ndahura

Today, I’m not here to tell tales about the people that live in my head and whisper secrets to me during the most unusual times; while I’m doing dishes, while I’m holding onto my hat when it gets too windy.

I’m here to talk about the way I keep the people who live in my mind stuck there, until they feed me their truth as I in turn protect them from the crazy Kampala sun that tends to scorch every single one of us. Kla dwellers have to go through this nearly every day. It causes us to hide in our houses and offices and classrooms during the day until about 6.00 p.m when the sun seems a little more calm, like someone finally gave her the nice firm scratch that she needed so that the inflammation she was bouncing right at us could finally stop. When we have no choice but to leave our refugee to go run errands, we take deep breaths and gather up so much mojo…so much that it could kill Austin Powers, rush out of our homes to get hings done quickly and then rush home for a cold soothing shower….I’m sorry, I’m ranting…

Today I’m here to talk about HATS 🙂



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