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Little nuggets from the past


I remember going through a time of utter emotional turmoil once. It was a horrible time. My guess is that every one of us goes through a soul wrenching point in our lives where nothing really makes sense. Some people go through it when they are younger. Others when they are older. Some people experience it for much too long. While some are lucky or blessed enough to gather strength to rise above it. During this time, there were too many questions racing through my mind and never enough answers, and the times when I did get answers, they were never good enough. My situation was difficult because I didn’t understand a lot of things that concerned me; I didn’t understand myself anymore, my thoughts, my actions, my attitude. I wished I could get a break from everything. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. The world slowly became a much darker and more twisted place to live in. I didn’t trust anyone and I bottled up far too much hurt. Even when I thought I had found a firm footing for myself, it didn’t take long before I realised that I was still stuck in that same dark place.

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