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Banshees and more

My family is a generally quiet lot. There are those times of course when most of us get randomly excited together and share a few…possibly too many laughs.  Those moments last long enough for each of us to have smiles plastered onto our faces. Sometimes they are longer, much longer, so long that we at times end up with our tummy muscles hurting. In my case, it’s actually the back of my head; I guess that’s where my happy-o-meter is. And after all these fun filled moments, we all somehow phase out and back to the usual tranquil setting.

The youngest member of my family is my little sister who’s 11, so for us it’s kind of been a while since we had the wailing baby drama around us.

Recently, one of my relatives came home to spend the weekend. She didn’t come alone. She came with five children…FIVE!! FIVE!! She came with two of her sons and three of her grand kids. All of whom I presume are under the age of 11.

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