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Ways we speak


When words fail me,

the touch of my lips against yours

soft, delicious and warm,

is all I yearn for

in these fleeting moments,

it’s the only language I wish to speak.

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Dear future husband


Dear future husband,

Where are you? Nga, I have waited. I think I miss you already because riyalle, we haven’t met yet we ought to have met already. That might not make sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me. Me, I miss the person I know you will be when you come into my life. But where are you? What’s your name? I need to get accustomed to what my new name will sound like.

Want to know how much I miss you? I talk to you, in my head, when I’m alone. I laugh at the jokes you will tell me one day, stare at gifts that I know you will buy me, and add locations that I think we should visit to my bucketlist. Kwegamba, I know you will you will be loving, caring, generous and hella interesting before I even meet you.

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